The warmth and character of classic vintage equipment with the convenience of today’s digital systems located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Studio

The unique character and acoustics of the studio are housed within an 1820s heritage building with exposed brick, wooden beams, intricate molding and modern skylights. A 1000-square-foot loft recording area features an 18-foot ceiling and pine flooring restored to its original splendor, sitting atop a modern floating floor designed to offer maximum isolation between this space and the control room below.


Control Room

    Neve V-III
  • 48 input/48 Bus with Plasma Display Meters
  • 48 channel strips with full dynamics and EQ
  • 96 inputs at mixdown
  • 81 Series Necam automated faders & full mix recall
  • Serviced & recapped for optimum sonics and stablility

  • Yamaha M1516A
  • 16 channel/4 bus recording console
  • 3 band semi-parametric EQ w/HPF per channel
  • 2x Foldback plus 2x “Echo” sends
  • Modified with post-EQ direct outputs for multi-track recording use

Digital Recording

  • Pro Tools HD3 with 24 X 24 I/O
  • Pro Tools HD2 Accel on MacPro Dual 2.66Ghz Dual-Core Xeon w/ 5Gb RAM, SSD boot drive
  • Pro Tools HD 8.1
  • 24x40 i/o via Apogee Rosetta 800s and Apogee DA-16X w/X-HD cards
  • Rosendahl Nanosyncs master clock
  • Tascam DV-RA1000 High Definition Audio Master Recorder (CD/DVD) via Apogee Rosetta 200 A/D/A

Analog Recording / Playback

  • 24/16 track 2” Studer A820 tape recorder
  • Single track 1/4” Studer A810 Tape recorder
  • 2 track 1/4” Ampex AG440 tape recorder
  • Technics SP-10MKII Direct-drive turntable w/ McCurdy phono preamps

Monitoring & Headphones

  • Genelec 1032A Bi-amplified
  • Genelec 7070A Sub with foot-switchable bypass
  • Avantone Mixcubes with Hafler Power Amplifier
  • Yamaha NS10 with Bryston 4B Power Amplifier
  • Furman HR2 Personal Headphone Station (x4)
  • Rane HC6 6-channel headphone console
  • Sony MDR-7509 (x4)
  • MetroPhones Sound Rejecting Headphones (x2)

Pre-amps & Channel Strips

  • Vintage Neve 1073 Preamps (x2) w/ Boutique Audio & Design chassis
  • Demeter VTMP-2 Tube Pre (Stereo)
  • Avalon VT-737 Tube channel strip (pre/EQ/compressor)
  • Altec 1567A 4 channel Tube Mixer/Mic Pre (x2)
  • Altec 1592B 5 channel mic mixer/preamp
  • Altec 1591a Compressor w/preamp
  • Ampex 350 Tube Pre
  • Universal Audio LA-610 Tube Channel Strip (610 tube pre/T4 opto compressor)

Compression & EQ

  • Avalon 747 Twin Signal path Opto compressor & EQ
  • Smart Research C2 Stereo Compressor
  • Urei 1176LN Black Face Compressor/Limiter (x5)
  • ADR Compex F769X-R “Vocal Stressor” EQ/compressor
  • Anthony Demeria Labs 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor
  • Valley People 610 Stereo Compressor/Expander
  • Inovonics 201 Average And Peak Responding Limiter (x3)
  • Inovonics 250 Stereo Multiband Compressor
  • Dolby “Spectral Processor” 740 EQ/compression/noise reduction
  • DBX 160 compressor/limiter


  • AKG BX10 Analogue Spring Reverb (Stereo)
  • Lexicon PCM224 Digital Reverb w/ remote (Stereo)
  • Lexicon 200 Digital Reverb (Stereo)
  • Lexicon 300 Digital Effects System (Stereo)
  • Lexicon PCM60 Digital Reverb
  • Lexicon PCM-41 Digital Delay
  • Lexicon PCM-42 Digital Delay
  • Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay
  • Lexicon LXP-15 II Reverb/Delay
  • Ace Tone EC-10 “Echo Chamber” tape echo
  • BBE Sonic Maximizer
  • Ursa Major “Space Station” SST-282 multi-tap delay/reverb
  • Eventide H949 Harmonizer

Amplifiers & Cabinets

  • Fender Silver-Face Vibrolux w/ custom birch cabinet, Jensen Special-Design speakers, sag & channel 1 gain mod
  • Fender Brown-Face Super 2x10
  • Fender Silver-Face Twin-Reverb w/ Celestion Vintage 30s
  • Fender Bassman 4x10
  • Mesa Dual-Rectifier Blue Angel 4x10 class-A combo
  • Mesa/Boogie S.O.B. 100-watt 1x12 combo
  • Hi Watt Custom 50 head with matching 4x12 16-ohm Fane-loaded cabinet
  • Univox U-1235 tube bass/guitar head
  • Marshall 1960A slant front cabinet
  • Ampeg B-15-N “Flip-Top” tube bass amp
  • Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ bass amp head
  • Gallien Kruger 115B 1x15” bass cabinet (8 ohms)
  • Hartke 2x10” cabinet (4 ohms)

Instrument Effects

  • Mu-Tron Octave+Divider
  • Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble
  • Diamond Memory Lane 2 analogue delay
  • Diamond J-Drive TR overdrive w/ treble boost
  • Diamond Halo Chorus
  • Leslie Combo Preamp (instrument interface for Leslie speaker cabinet)
  • Other assorted F/X Pedals
DI Boxes
  • Demeter VTDB-2 Tube (x2)
  • AXE 4 channel DI
  • Yorkville DI
  • Art Tube Direct/Mic Pre (x2)


    Large Diaphragm Condensers
  • AKG C12 Tube
  • AKG C414
  • AKG 414 EB (x2)
  • AKG 414 ULS
  • Neumann U87 (x2)
  • Neumann U89 (x2)
  • Neumann TLM193
  • Audio Technica 4050
  • Audio Technica 4033

  • Small Diaphragm Condensers
  • Neumann KM184 (x2)
  • AKG C451 w/ CK1 cardioid capsule (x2)
  • AKG C451 w/ CK22 omni capsule
  • AKG 535 (x3)
  • Shure SM81 (x4)
  • Earthworks TC30K Omni (x2)
  • Crown CM700
  • Sony ECM 999 M/S Stereo Mic
  • Crown PZM (x2)

  • Ribbon
  • Royer R-121

  • Dynamic
  • Sennheiser MD421 (x2)
  • Sennheiser MD441
  • Sennheiser MD504
  • Shure SM57 (x4)
  • Shure SM58 (x2)
  • Shure Beta52
  • Shure SM7
  • Electro-Voice RE20 (x2)
  • Electro-Voice RE27
  • Yamaha NS-10 “sub-kick” speaker

Instruments pt.1

  • Ayotte Custom kit: 22” and 20” kik drums, 10” and 12” rack toms; 14” and 16” floor toms
  • Pearl Master Series maple kit with 22” Kick; 10”, 12”, 14” rack toms; 16” floor tom
  • Slingerland Tour Series kit with 24” Kick; 12” rack tom; 16” and 18” floor toms
  • Tempus fiberglass kit with 20” Kick; 10” and 12” rack toms; 15” floor tom

  • Snares
  • Ayotte Custom 13”x5” wood shell
  • Slingerland Tour Series 14”x6.5” wood shell
  • Ludwig 14”x5.5” brass
  • Ludwig 14”x6.5” hand-hammered brass “Brass Beauty”
  • Tempus 14”x7” fiberglass
  • Stewart 14”x5.5” vintage wood
  • DW Edge Series 14”x5” brass/maple
  • Yamaha 14”x5” vintage steel w/inner mute

  • Cymbals
  • Zildjian 14” Top Quick Beat Hi Hats
  • Zildjian 14” Custom Mastersound Hi Hats (top ripple edge)
  • Sabian 14” Hand Hammered Fusion Hats (heavy bottom)
  • Sabian 14” Hand Hammered Duo Hats (raw bell)
  • Zildjian 22” Custom Ping Ride
  • Sabian 22” heavy ride
  • Sabian 21” Hand Hammered Vintage ride
  • Unknown 20” ride
  • Unknown 18” ride
  • Sabian 18” Vault Crash
  • Sabian 18” HHX Evolution Crash
  • Sabian 18” HHXtreme Crash
  • Sabian 17” HHX Evolution Crash
  • Sabian 17” Vault Crash
  • Sabian 16” AAMedium Crash
  • Sabian 16” AAX Studio Crash
  • Sabian 19” Paragon chinese
  • Sabian 14” HHX Evolution mini chinese
  • Sabian 10” HHX Evolution splash
  • Sabian 10” AASplash
  • Sabian 8” Paragon splash

  • Various percussion instruments

Instruments pt. 2

  • Heintzman 7' Concert Grand Piano
  • Hammond L112 tube tonewheel organ
  • Leslie Model 147 rotating speaker cabinet

  • Guitars
  • 1964 Guild F-212 12-string acoustic
  • Gibson Les Paul Special
  • Larrivee D-03 acoustic
  • Yamaha G-245SII classical
  • Johnson steel-body biscuit resonator (fingerstyle setup)
  • 1980’s Fender Squire Telecaster w/ Seymour Duncan upgraded pickups
  • ’87 Fender USA Strat Plus w/ Lace Sensor pickups, Wilkinson roller nut, 2-point trem, mid-boost circuit
  • Epiphone DOT 335 w/ upgraded Gibson pickups

  • Bass
  • Music Man Sterling 4 string bass w/ active EQ

Studio Utilities

  • Little Labs IBP Analogue Phase Alignment Tool/DI
  • Radial JD-7 Injector 1-in 6-out transformer isolated guitar-amp interface w/balanced line out
  • Radial SGI Studio Guitar Interface - guitar line driver
  • Korg DTR-2000 rackmount professional tuner

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Lil Thomas has extensive knowledge in the theory of operations and practical applications of professional recording consoles, studio design and miking techniques. He is also experienced with all types of digital and analogue recording equipment, hard disk recording and editing, midi sequencing and all aspects of post-production.

In 2005, Lil began teaching at the Centre for Arts and Technology and was promoted to department head of the Audio Engineering Program the following year. This title has led to a management and consultation role in the studio, allowing Lil to foster the talents of main engineer Darren Van Niekirk.

Lil is a five-time ECMA winner.

phone: (902) 441-9872
Darren van Niekerk began working at The Sonic Temple as an assistant in May 2003, following his graduation from NSCC’s Recording Arts Program. Since that time he has established himself as the studio’s house engineer, honing his skills on countless recording projects spanning many genres in both digital and analogue environments. With a handful of ECMA and Music Nova Scotia nominations under his belt, Darren continues to refine his approach to the studio with a respect for modern production techniques while maintaining an organic feel and tone.

Mike Hastings is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and moved eastward to pursue an audio engineering career. Continuing his audio studies at The Centre for Arts and Technology, he received the IDEALS achievement award for highest standings in their twenty-one month Audio Engineering course. With almost a decade of experience composing and producing instrumental music in various genres from Hip Hop to Hybrid Orchestral music, Mike brings a strong technical and musical background into the studio environment. In addition to working with artists as a producer, recording and mixing engineer, Mike has experience providing sound design for T.V. and internet media as well as several years of teaching college-level audio engineering courses.